Brittany Barocsi – Production Associate

Brittany has been working with the Dicks + Nanton Agency for over two years on the operations team. She has her hands in multiple “cookie jars” at the agency (literally, hide the cookies) and can be found assisting with the Book and BigPrint projects as well as coordinating framing, the company newsletter and magazine! Her goal is to correct as many typos as possible and continually exceed client expectations!

Brittany made her way to DNA after an extended internship at Walt Disney World.  Her time at Disney enticed her to move from North Carolina to Florida after graduating from Appalachian State University. While there, she participated in multiple leadership programs, planned campus events for students, earned two degrees (a B.S in Communications: Public Relations and a B.A. in English), and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a creative excellence award in PR writing.

During her free time, Brittany can be found spending time with friends, running around Lake Baldwin, obsessively reading her kindle, and working on writing her first novel. She is known for her love of all things pink and has never met a cupcake she didn’t like. Brittany also considers herself a “beach connoisseur” and visits as many of the Caribbean islands as possible. Her current favorite is Antigua.

Lindsey Ferguson – Membership Coordinator

Lindsey joined the team at Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency in June of 2015. Though she is relatively new to the company, she welcomes new experiences and she loves being a Project Coordinator for The National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers.

Lindsey grew up a hop, skip, and a jump from the Agency’s office, but studied and socialized at The Florida State University. There she sharpened her writing and editing skills and learned a little psychology along the way, ultimately graduating with a B.S in Psychology and a B.A in Editing, Writing and Media. Lindsey is a diehard fan of the Seminoles, and regards her years at FSU as some of the best.

When she’s not at the Agency you can find Lindsey trying out the newest recipe she found on Pinterest, daydreaming her next adventure, or watching reruns of Friends with her puppy sidekick, Meeko. She’s known to make others in the office laugh, but she’s never sure if they’re laughing with her or at her. Either way she’s happy to put a smile on someone’s face.

Kathy Miller – Controller

Kathy is the numbers and worksheet guru! She has been handling the Accounting Department with Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency and its affiliates since 2014. The intricate nature of our business takes considerable focus, thankful she has the patience, creativity, and drive for excellence, to keep us in balance. Her love to teach and train those around her to find better solutions, and not just answers, provides a better self worth and knowledge in our staff.

Kathy believes that everything evolves around numbers, fueling her passion in helping others to understand the “Account-a-bility in Real Life”. Each person uses the basics of accounting in some form in everyday life and learning those basics will not only improve their financial security but those around them.

When not calculating results, Kathy loves playing golf, painting, arts and crafts, and enjoying spa weekends. Being a southern girl from Alabama, football season is her favorite time of year – Roll Tide! But her most important love in life, is her family, especially spending time with twin boys of her niece and teaching them all that life has to offer.

Kathy Miller
Accounting Manager
Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency
520 N Orlando Ave #2
Winter Park, FL 32789
407-215-7564 (Phone)
407-215-7736 (Fax)

Lisa Kepics – Human Resources

Lisa is an integral member of the team here at the Dicks + Nanton Agency, and it’s affiliates. She has been working with the Agency since the dawn of it’s existence in 2007. She’s worked closely with the co-founder and CEO, J.W. Dicks, for over 25 years. The lady knows about loyalty!

Lisa likes to joke that she’s the “other” CEO, or the Chief Everything Officer. She handles everything from Human Resources and payroll to IT Administration, operations and logistics, and the office “fixer.” She’s a fantastic sounding board and is known by her co-workers as always willing to help problem solve, and for having the most boisterous laugh in the office! Lisa is also an FRP (Florida Registered Paralegal) for Dicks & Nanton, P.A. That’s our long way of saying she’s a multi-tasking extraordinaire.

On the rare occasions Lisa isn’t in the office, she can be found with her girlfriend, Babs, at their favorite place – Disney World! Breakfast with Mickey and a ride on Toy Story Mania makes Lisa a very happy person! (And, don’t get her started on Hollywood Studio’s Star Wars weekends.) When they aren’t doing a “staycation” at Disney, her and Babs enjoy traveling, especially cruises. Lisa also loves playing the piano and spending time with her cat and dog. They enjoy her piano playing too!

Wayne Harris – Membership Director

Wayne Harris is known as a perceptive thinker. During a career that has spanned more than 20 years, he has shown an uncanny ability to stay at the forefront of thought and to be highly adaptive while performing in the sales, marketing, and business operations arena. He has lead companies to great success with recognition on the Inc. 500 list and has received letters of recognition, numerous sales achievement awards, and personal service awards.

He believes that salesmanship can be ethical, powerful and personal all at the same time. He is now on a mission to share the abundance of knowledge gained through the study of sales techniques and through professional experiences. Through workshops, and turnkey sales systems Harris is out to change the negative public perception of salespeople. He firmly believes that public perception can be changed while increasing the effectiveness of salespeople.

The work he puts forth to educate and build true sales professionals has a greater purpose. He recognizes that we each have God given talents that can truly be of benefit to others. He volunteers his talents while serving on the board of Armonia US, a non-profit organization that for over thirty years has worked diligently to break the poverty cycle of the indigenous people of Mexico.

He writes books, conducts conferences and leads seminars so that others can have the opportunity to make a large impact on the world we live in. It is his hope that laymen as well as sales professionals will benefit by becoming better decision-makers and facilitators of decision making not only in business, but also in personal, family and community life.

Greg Rollett – CMO

Greg Rollett, @gregrollett, is a Best-Selling Author and Marketing Expert who works with experts, authors and entrepreneurs all over the world. He utilizes the power of new media, direct response and personality-driven marketing to attract more clients and to create more freedom in the businesses and lives of his clients.

Greg has written for Mashable, Fast Company,, the Huffington Post, AOL, AMEX’s Open Forum and others, and continues to share his message helping experts and entrepreneurs grow their business through marketing.

Greg’s client list includes Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Sally Hogshead, Coca-Cola, Miller Lite and Warner Brothers, along with thousands of entrepreneurs and small-business owners across the world. Greg’s work has been featured on FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the USA Today, Inc Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Buzz and more.

Greg is married to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer and they have one amazing son, Colten Connor.

Lindsay Dicks – COO

Lindsay Dicks helps her clients tell their stories in the online world. Being brought up around a family of marketers, but a product of Generation Y, Lindsay naturally gravitated to the new world of on- line marketing. Lindsay began freelance writing in 2000 and soon

after launched her own PR firm that thrived by offering an in-your-face “Guaranteed PR” that was one of the first of its type in the nation.

Lindsay’s new media career is centered on her philosophy that “people buy people.” Her goal is to help her clients build a relationship with their prospects and customers. Once that relationship is built and they learn to trust them as the expert in their field, then they will do business with them. Lindsay also built a proprietary process that utilizes social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization to create online “buzz” for her clients that helps them to convey their business and personal story. Lindsay’s clientele span the entire business map and range from doctors and small business owners to Inc. 500 CEOs.

Lindsay is a graduate of the University of Florida. She is the CEO of CelebritySitesTM, an online marketing company specializing in social media and online personal branding. Lindsay is recognized as one of the top online marketing experts in the world and has co-authored more than 25 best-selling books alongside authors such as Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield (creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series), Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Dr. Ivan Misner (founder of BNI), Jay Conrad Levinson (author of the “Guerilla Marketing” series), Leigh Steinberg and many others, including the breakthrough hit Celebrity Branding You!

She has also been selected as one of America’s PremierExpertsTM and has been quoted in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Inc. magazine as well as featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS television affiliates speaking on social media, search engine optimization and making more money online. Lindsay was also recently brought on FOX 35 News as their Online Marketing Expert.

Lindsay, a national speaker, has shared the stage with some of the top speakers in the world, such as Brian Tracy, Lee Milteer, Ron LeGrand, Arielle Ford, Leigh Steinberg, Dr. Nido Qubein, Dan Sullivan, David Bullock, Peter Shankman and many others. Lindsay was also a Producer on the Emmy-winning film Jacob’s Turn and sits on the advisory board for the Global Economic Initiative.

JW Dicks, Esq. – Co-Founder, Board Member

JW Dicks, esq. is America’s foremost authority on us- ing personal branding for business development. He has created some of the most successful brand and market- ing campaigns for business and professional clients to make them the credible celebrity experts in their field and build multi-million dollar businesses using their recognized status.

JW Dicks has started, bought, built, and sold a large number of businesses over his 39-year career and developed a loyal international following as a business attorney, author, speaker, consultant, and business experts’ coach. He not only practices what he preaches by using his strategies to build his own businesses, he also applies those same concepts to help clients grow their business or professional practice the ways he does.

JW has been extensively quoted in such national media as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Inc.,,, and Fortune Small Business. His television appearances include ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliate stations around the country. He is the Editor and Publisher of Celebrity Expert Insider, a monthly newsletter targeting business and brand building strategies.

JW has written over 40 books, including numerous best-sellers, and has been inducted into the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®. JW is married to Linda, his wife of 43 years, and they have two daughters, two granddaughters and two yorkies. JW is a 6th generation Floridian and splits his time between his home in Orlando and beach house on the Florida west coast.

Nick Nanton, Esq. – Co-Founder, Board Member

About Nick Nanton, Esq.:

From the slums of Port au Prince Haiti with special forces raiding a sex trafficking ring and freeing children to the Virgin Galactic Space Port in Mojave with Sir Richard Branson, 15-Time Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer, Nick Nanton, has become known for telling stories that connect.  Why? Because he focuses on the most fascinating subject in the world: PEOPLE.  As co-founder of the largest personal branding agency in the world, DNA: The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency®, representing more than 3000 clients in 60 countries around the world, Nick learned the art of storytelling through helping his clients tell their stories in order to share their unique gifts with the world.  Nick has shared his message with millions of people through his speeches, blogs, lectures, media placements and contributions to more than four dozen best-selling books.  Nick’s book StorySelling hit Wall Street Journal Best-Seller list and is available on Audible as an ebook.  Nick has directed more than 60 documentaries and a sold out Broadway Show (garnering 34 Emmy nominations in multiple regions and 15 wins), including:

DREAM BIG: Rudy Ruettiger LIVE on Broadway
Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story
A New Leash on Life
Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On
Operation Toussaint
The Rebound

Nanton has shared the stage, co-authored books, and made films featuring:

Larry King
Jack Nicklaus
Tony Robbins
Ivanka Trump
Steve Forbes
Sir Richard Branson
Dean Kamen
Ray Kurzweil
Lisa Nichols
Peter Diamandis
Jack Canfield (Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul)
Brian Tracy

And many more

Nick specializes in bringing the element of human connection to every viewer, no matter the subject.  He is currently directing and hosting the series “In Case You Didn’t Know” (Executive produced by Larry King), featuring legends in the worlds or business, entrepreneurship, personal development, technology, and sports.

Learn more at and

4 Things I Learned Up On Stage at the UN

It is one of the most powerful buildings in the world. Peace is kept. Deals are made. Processes and systems are created that impact the future of our world. And there I was, suited up and standing next to Nick going through our speakers for the day, working on the introductions we would say before each one took the stage.

The backdrop screamed power. From the East River outside the window to the flags and the podium, there was a feeling of strength that flowed through my body on that stage. This same emotion was sent through the bodies of all 20 speakers on June 18th.

Perhaps more important than the setting or the backdrop or the powerful grounds we stood on, were the lessons I learned listening to the speakers. Feeling their emotions and translating them into motivation for my own life.

This month I wanted to share four big lessons from these speakers and how you can use them to market your business and motivate others to fight for your cause.

  1. We Remember Stories, Not Facts

It’s really easy to cram your presentation with facts. Most experts will play on Google for hours (or days) finding statistics and numbers to support your case.

The best experts spend less time finding facts and more time developing stories that illustrate their point.

Of all the speakers I cannot remember any stats or figures they gave, but I can remember at least one story from every single one of them. This story will stick with me and allow me to remember them for a very long time.

If you are having trouble getting your prospects to pay attention to you, look at the ratio of stats versus stories in your webinars, your live presentations, your pitch decks, your power point slides and even when you talk to prospects over the phone.

I’ve seen this in working with financial advisors, the biggest switch in their conversions come when they stop talking about numbers and start telling stories. Numbers go right over our heads, yet stories last a lifetime. If you haven’t yet, go

read StorySelling by my two compadres here at the Agency as a primer on how to create and tell stories that help you to sell without selling.

  1. First Impressions Are Everything

We live in a superficial world. This is not an argument about whether that is right or wrong, but a statement of fact that can work for you or against you in your marketing.

The opening lines of each presentation at the United Nations set the scene and the stage for what was to come.

How they dressed and looked (everyone was dressed to the nines and looked important and impressive) made people pay attention to their story.

The first lines glued us to their narrative.

If you look important, people will treat you as important. The same holds true in your marketing. If your website looks bad, how do you think they imagine your office looks? If you spend years putting together the content of your book, but go to to create the cover, how seriously can someone take you?

On the other hand when you have done the little things like feeling the paper stock of your letterhead and designing a business card that stops people in their tracks, when you dress as if you are someone of importance, when you have a killer opening line, when your website grabs their attention – they will have a better perception of you and are more willing to work with you.

I encourage you to look at all of your points of entry and look for holes that a prospect would see and be instantly turned off by. These turn-offs are low hanging fruit that can turn into opportunity if you are paying attention.

  1. The World Is Bigger Than Our Backyard

As an American with a growing business, I tend to forget about the problems, the poverty and the harsh conditions happening throughout the world. I know I’m not alone in that. We also forget about the booming economies taking shape all over the world.

The speakers at the Global Economic Initiative were truly “global.” Speakers from all over the world shared their origin stories, their stories of hope and the inspirational messages that are shaping our world today.

From Internet Marketers in third world countries, to transformational leaders in the unstable country of Venezuela, to the inspiring messages of a speaker from Gambia, I realized there is opportunity for commerce, philanthropic endeavors and entrepreneurship all across the globe.

When I work with clients on marketing their businesses, we do our best to narrow the market. I help them to find their niche and break down their ideal customer based on their locations, age ranges, ethnicities, income brackets and so on.

Yet, the biggest opportunities for many businesses lie in expanding their markets to overseas and into developing countries. At the very least we should be paying attention to the Chinas and the Indias of the world, reading magazines and trade journals from different countries and understanding how they are innovating and using technology to change the future just as much, if not more, than what we do here in America.

  1. Freedom Isn’t Free, Let Us Not Forget

I spent the 4th of July throwing poppers and lighting sparklers with Colten and Ryder this year, celebrating our independence as Americans.

But none of us had to fight for our independence or our freedom. It’s very easy to dismiss the rights and liberties we have here in the US, and many of the countries our clients represent. I often take these things for granted: free enterprise, world-class education (at least compared to third world countries), mentors and teachers and the Internet.

Yet, at the Global Economic Initiative I heard story after story of the real price of freedom, from living in concentration camps and fleeing war torn countries in a boat, to escaping a step-father who was going to sell his daughter, to going back and forth from a home country to the US to get away rom the rations, curfews and the lack of ambition handed down by an elected government.

As an entrepreneur or business owner we have the freedom and the power to create our own reality. We can market our businesses freely. We can create promotions and sales and make the cash register ring. We can create partnerships and utilize resources to impact our tomorrows.

My challenge to you is to really look at the future you want to create for yourself, be thankful for what you have and then put your pedal to the floor and never give up until you get what you want.


Because you can. Because your freedom isn’t something you should take lightly and just coast through. You can make a difference in your world and the world around you, but it’s up to you to make it happen, just like the 20 speakers at the UN. It was my privilege to introduce you to the stage and speak alongside you at the first Global

Economic Initiative. Can’t wait till next year!

Greg Rollett is the CEO of Celebrity Expert Marketing. To learn more about how Greg can help you to market your business, email him at [email protected] or take a test-drive of his coaching program by going to