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Wayne Harris – Membership Director

Wayne Harris is known as a perceptive thinker. During a career that has spanned more than 20 years, he has shown an uncanny ability to stay at the forefront of thought and to be highly adaptive while performing in the sales, marketing, and business operations arena. He has lead companies to great success with recognition on the Inc. 500 list and has received letters of recognition, numerous sales achievement awards, and personal service awards.

He believes that salesmanship can be ethical, powerful and personal all at the same time. He is now on a mission to share the abundance of knowledge gained through the study of sales techniques and through professional experiences. Through workshops, and turnkey sales systems Harris is out to change the negative public perception of salespeople. He firmly believes that public perception can be changed while increasing the effectiveness of salespeople.

The work he puts forth to educate and build true sales professionals has a greater purpose. He recognizes that we each have God given talents that can truly be of benefit to others. He volunteers his talents while serving on the board of Armonia US, a non-profit organization that for over thirty years has worked diligently to break the poverty cycle of the indigenous people of Mexico.

He writes books, conducts conferences and leads seminars so that others can have the opportunity to make a large impact on the world we live in. It is his hope that laymen as well as sales professionals will benefit by becoming better decision-makers and facilitators of decision making not only in business, but also in personal, family and community life.

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