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Lisa Kepics – Human Resources

Lisa is an integral member of the team here at the Dicks + Nanton Agency, and it’s affiliates. She has been working with the Agency since the dawn of it’s existence in 2007. She’s worked closely with the co-founder and CEO, J.W. Dicks, for over 25 years. The lady knows about loyalty!

Lisa likes to joke that she’s the “other” CEO, or the Chief Everything Officer. She handles everything from Human Resources and payroll to IT Administration, operations and logistics, and the office “fixer.” She’s a fantastic sounding board and is known by her co-workers as always willing to help problem solve, and for having the most boisterous laugh in the office! Lisa is also an FRP (Florida Registered Paralegal) for Dicks & Nanton, P.A. That’s our long way of saying she’s a multi-tasking extraordinaire.

On the rare occasions Lisa isn’t in the office, she can be found with her girlfriend, Babs, at their favorite place – Disney World! Breakfast with Mickey and a ride on Toy Story Mania makes Lisa a very happy person! (And, don’t get her started on Hollywood Studio’s Star Wars weekends.) When they aren’t doing a “staycation” at Disney, her and Babs enjoy traveling, especially cruises. Lisa also loves playing the piano and spending time with her cat and dog. They enjoy her piano playing too!

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