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Market Driven Publishing

By JW Dicks, Esq. The publishing world is changing again. Everyone thought by now that all books would be digital. Everyone was wrong. Digital is big but so is printed. The bigger change is the marketing of books and how they are used to generate income to its author and publisher in other ways. In… continue reading

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4 Things I Learned Up On Stage at the UN

It is one of the most powerful buildings in the world. Peace is kept. Deals are made. Processes and systems are created that impact the future of our world. And there I was, suited up and standing next to Nick going through our speakers for the day, working on the introductions we would say before… continue reading

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Avoiding Email Marketing Pitfalls

Although email marketing can look deceptively easy, email marketing is a powerful tool. When done correctly, it will generate leads, improve customer loyalty and contribute to a powerful personal brand. But what makes a good, really good, email marketing campaign? Here are some of my tips and tricks to be successful with email marketing, enjoy!… continue reading

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Success Stories

  • Appreciates the Brilliant, Successful People at GKIC
    Everything Nick said he could do...he absolutely did that and more.
    - Laura Clancy
  • Doesn't Need a Golden Pyramid that is Hard to Climb...
    Nick, Greg, Lindsay and Jack has been an amazing experience…if you have the opportunity to work with these guys... you will be amazed at the things they can accomplish.
    - Noel Tipon
  • Appreciates Marketing Genius
    The connections , the people I’ve meant, made all the difference in the world, none of that would have happened if not for this group.
    - Rachel O’Brien-Eddy
  • Appreciates Marketing Genius
    These guys are legit….What they say is real, they deliver the goods.
    - Tim Bilecki
  • Appreciates Marketing Genius
    The thing I like about Nick and Jack is they are both genuine guys…they practice what they preach.
    - Stefan Wissenbach