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Market Driven Publishing

By JW Dicks, Esq.

The publishing world is changing again.

Everyone thought by now that all books would be digital. Everyone was wrong. Digital is big but so is printed.

The bigger change is the marketing of books and how they are used to generate income to its author and publisher in other ways.

In June, Glen Beck hit number one on the New York Times Best-Seller List selling more than 132,000 copies of his thriller, The Overton Window. This adds to his total of almost 5 million copies of his books sold just in the United States.

One of the interesting things about his sales is that he has hit the top of the charts in fiction, non-fiction, and even children’s books. Usually an author stays in one category. Adding to his marketing ability in the publishing world is the fact that Beck’s picks of other author’s works are also pushed higher in the charts after his recommendation. This gives him a strong power position in the publishing world that courts him and the favor of his good word.

One of the reasons for his newfound fame is that Beck has an audience. His show on Fox News get about 2 million viewers and more than 9 million listeners faithfully tune into his radio show. Equally important is that his fans are responsive and are buyers. Building strong and responsive fans create a power base for many forms of income streams.

Beck is also a publisher himself through his production company, Mercury Radio Arts. This gives him and opportunity too not only get royalties but to form joint venture type arrangements with major publishing houses.  Creating a business venture instead of just being an author allows him to participate in all of the other income streams, such as the publishers profits, overseas sales, spins offs, movie rights and any other source of added income they can be created.

Remember, the sale of a book is just the start of where money can flow for its author producer and publisher and the front-end money is not near as good as the back end revenue streams.

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