Expert Coaching

NAEWS offers coaching options for any business owner who is ready to elevate to the next level, from group sessions to one-on-one mentoring.

Association Overview

The Association TEACHES Experts, Writers, speakers and Entreprenurs HOW To Build a Successful and Sustainable Business centered around them as the Celebrity Expert® in their field.

Founded by Nick Nanton and JW Dicks, the Associations events, training and coaching focus on brand building based on personality driven marketing.

The methods used to accomplish your business development mission is based on over 40 years of testing and refining proven lead generation strategies, followed by customer nurturing systems designed to create a trust relationship between the expert and client.

The marketing methodology uses on line and off line multi-step and multi-media formats to achieve the goals of getting more clients, nurturing the clients to become good customers and create and foster referrals from the successful and happy clients.

HOW DOES The association Help?

The Association is the center for education, training and support for Experts Writers and speakers. Through it contacts and affiliates we offer several levels of membership from the basic to the advanced, you can start where you need to and grow to where you want to be.

Each level of level of membership moves you up the ladder of success as you move from content rich memberships, to group coaching and even MasterMind Groups that take you out of a classroom and on site of companies like Google, Tessla, and the X-Prize headquarters to leaning from hit singers and songwriters how to write core messages for your customers.

Our members are not just dreamers, they are achievers in fields as diverse as law, financial, health, fitness, technology, and range from 6 figures to eight figures in annual income.

We believe that success is important but we also believe that life style and autonomous living along with a Mission-Driven Brand creates the maximum feeling of success and leads to prosperity in all areas of your life.

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