Expert Coaching

NAEWS offers coaching options for any business owner who is ready to elevate to the next level, from group sessions to one-on-one mentoring.


What is NAEWS?

The National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers (NAEWS for short, pronounced NEWS) was created to help entrepreneurs on their path to help others and reach their potential. To that end we have created events, education, and most importantly, a community of those willing to serve.

Who is NAEWS membership for?

NAEWS is for entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to share their knowledge with the world. Whether you’ve given your thousandth keynote (like some of our members) or are preparing to give your first one, we have the education, training and support it takes to help you realize your full potential and accomplish your goals.

How do I become a member of NAEWS?

There are several levels of membership, click here to learn more and apply.

Which membership option is right for me?

If you have questions about our membership levels, we encourage you to contact one of our member services advisors. You can reach them via phone or e-mail.

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